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    Cougar AAA Gun

    This fine finish gun is built for production wood or metal fine finish spraying.

    • Stainless steel fluid passages 
    • Ergonomic design
    • Integrated fluid filter a...
    Cat Pack FELCFM kit

    CPR C.A.T. Pressure Reduced Gun

    The CPR spray guns from C.A.T. combines the transfer efficiency of HVLP with the speed and finish quality of conventional air spray. The nozzle requires 11 CFM at 29 PSI recommended inlet...

    TJR Case Open 2011

    Deluxe Techline Jr. (TJR)

    This kit is intended to give finishers the best of both worlds by including the regular air cap for all your touch-up needs and the special round air cap specifically designed for shading...

    Finish Excellence LCFM

    FE-Line (LCFM) Fine Finish Gun

    The new FE-Line LCFM HVLP gun is our low CFM lightweight ergonomic spray gun. Its standard setup is designed for use with a low air consumption compressor. The 1090 air cap only uses 6 CF...

    Jaguar 100H

    Jaguar 100 HVLP

    This general purpose gravity-fed gun is intended for automotive and wood finishing. Comes standard with an aluminum gravity cup. This gun complies with all HVLP environmental regulations....

    Tomcat 100C

    Tomcat 100C

    The T100C is an economical general purpose conventional air spray gun for spraying a wide range of coatings. Designed for production use, the Tomcat is perfect for all coatings from thin ...


    Panther 200Z (Zinc Rich)

    The P200Z is a rugged, general purpose, conventional air spray gun designed for spraying zinc-rich coatings. It has a Delrin tipped fluid nozzle to prevent plating and a unique leather/Te...


    "The Laminator" Panther 100G

    “The Laminator” is a general purpose conventional air spray gun designed for glue/adhesive applications of all types. The body and air cap are Teflon® anodized for easy clean-up and longe...

    51 212

    2.5 Gallon Pressure Tanks

    These pots are constructed of heavy gage steel. The tank has wheels for maneuverability or optional stationary feet.

    • Inside dimensions: 10.5" diameter x 8 ¾" depth&n...
    51 261 12

    Disposable Tank Liners

    Our new semi-rigid liners for the 51-200 series 2.5 gallon tanks are disposable and formed from solvent resistant durable, anti-static high-density polyethylene. These liners make clean-u...

    51 130

    Techline 2-Quart Pressure Cup

    Simple in design and versatile in operation, this economically priced pressure cup is tough enough to hold up to daily industrial and automotive operation and is designed for easy use and...


    5 Gallon Pressure Tanks

    These pots are constructed of heavy gage steel. They come standard with dual fluid outlets and ball valves. Wheels make this tank maneuverable or they may be fitted with stationary feet. ...

    52 300

    Mini Gun Regulator

    A true regulator with built-in air diaphragm allows the user to accurately regulate pressure. Comes with glass face lens, 160 lb. gauge and lightweight composite body.

    In-line Air Filter (1 Regulator for single-gun operation)


    These units provide one micron filtration of water and dirt in compressed air lines. Rated at 60 SCFM, they are recommended for point of use applications. Features manual drain, heavy dut...


    Low Pressure Air Hoses

    • Temperature range: -20°F to 190°F
    • Textile reinforced
    • Smooth, red synthetic rubber casing
    • Oil resistant
    • Pressure rated at 200 PSI (1.38 MPa)

    Low Pressure Fluid Hoses

    • Temperature range: 0°F to 190°F
    • Nylon 11, silicone-free tube
    • Braided high-strength synthetic yarn
    • Smooth, black synthetic rubber casing (RMA B ORS)
    • Oi...