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Gun Filters

Nothing destroys a piston or a gun tip faster than debris in the coating. That’s why you need the best paint filters available. TITAN™gun filters and manifold filters are designed for long life and maximum protection.


  • Made from stainless steel for strength and service
  • Wide variety of mesh sizes from 10 to 100
  • Engineered for durability and long life
  • Reverse thread design prevents filter from unscrewing when handle is removed for cleaning & replacement.

Unthreaded Filters

For use with G-10, LX-30, LX-40, LX-50, LX-70, S-3 and S-7


Product Part #
Coarse (Green) Bulk581-059
Coarse (Green) 2 Pack0089957
Medium (White) Bulk*581-060
Medium (White) 2 Pack*0089958
Fine (Yellow) Bulk581-062
Fine (Yellow) 2 Pack0089959
Extra Fine (Red) Bulk581-061
Extra Fine (Red) 2 Pack0089960

 *Manifold Filter for 2155 & 400.



Threaded Filters

For use with LX-80II & LX-80 Platinum


ProductPart #
Coarse (Green) Bulk*540-030
Coarse (Green) 2 Pack*500-200-3
Medium (White) Bulk540-060
Medium (White) 2 Pack500-200-6
Fine (Yellow) Bulk540-100
Fine (Yellow) 2 Pack500-200-10
Extra Fine (Red) Bulk540-150
Extra Fine (Red) 2 Pack500-200-15

*Manifold Filter for 330 & 440i.

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