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Inlet Screens (Rock Catcher)

Never operate your siphon or direct immersion airless pump without an inlet screen in place. Also known as a "rock catcher," this product serves as a filtering screen and prevents any debris from entering the fluid section that can cause damage and expensive repairs.

  • Mesh sizes can be found under Configurations tab

Titan™ Inlet Screens (Small)



MeshPart #
30 mesh (Fine)700-900
10 mesh (Coarse)700-805
30 mesh (Male Thread)0552947

Titan™Inlet Screens (Large)



MeshPart #
30 mesh (Fine)710-191
10 mesh (Coarse)710-046


Speeflo Inlet Screens


UnitsPart #
4900, 6900, 8900, 12000103-627
All GHD710-046
Hydra™ Pro IV103-627



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