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Capspray™ 105 HVLP

Air Pressure 10.5 PSI

Larger projects involving heavier-bodied coatings require the 5-stage power and long-term dependability of the CAPSPRAY™ 105, a solid - but remarkably lightweight - workhorse HVLP capable of atomizing thick latex or solvent-based paints, enamels or varnishes with little or no thinning. This is the sprayer professionals use when projects expand or workshops fill with cabinets and furniture.    

  • Comes with a #4 Proset    
  • Recommended for larger residential and commercial projects where specifications call for a variety of light and heavy-bodied coatings



  • Spray hard to atomize coatings with little or no thinning    
  • High transfer efficiency ranges up to 90%    
  • Dual are filtration with an automotive type air filter with a pre filter on the atomizing air side    
  • Dirty filter warning light    
  • Built in tool box for needles, nozzles, check valve and nozzle wrench    
  • Built in cup holder
  • 10.5 PSI
  • 5-Stage Tangential
  • 30' + 5' Whip
  • Maxum Elite
  • 23.5 lbs.
ProductPart #
CapSpray™ 1050524033

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