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Impact™ 1140

Gallons Per Minute 1.2

This fully featured sprayer offers the ultimate in functionality and convenience for the longest days and biggest projects. Capable of supporting the largest tip sizes and multiple guns, you can rely on the power and performance of the Impact 1140. It’s perfect for large residential, commercial and industrial applications where speed and power are necessary.

Multiple gun unit, delivering performance and functionality with long hoses and multiple tip sizes!

Recommended for application using up to 2 guns in large residential, commercial and industrial applications where a wide range of coatings are specified.

300-400 gallons per week with up to 2 guns.


  • Includes RX-Pro Gun, 517 TR1 Tip, and 50' Airless Hose

Sprays stains, lacquers, epoxies, enamels, elastomerics, latex, dry fall and block fillers



  • Auto-Oiler™ with the push of a button you deliver oil from the reservoir directly to the packings    
  • Dura-Life™ Brushless HE motor    
  • Heavy duty stand    
  • Sureflo™ Pusher Valve lets you release a stuck lower ball valve without using a hammer (available on selected units)    
  • Fast Removal Fluid Section
  • EZ-Tilt Cart 
  • 1.2 GPM
  • 0.034"
  • 0.023"
  • 3300 PSI
  • 107 lbs.
  • 104 lbs.
  • 2.6 hp
ProductPart #
High Rider805-011*
Low Rider805-012*

 *Complete with RX-Pro gun, 517 TR1 reversible tip and 1/4" x 50' hose.

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