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MultiFinish 440 Air Assisted

Gallons Per Minute .54

The leader in fine finish technology introduces the most versatile electric Air-Assisted Airless sprayer to date. By coupling the proven performance of the TITAN 440 with the efficiency of an electronically controlled compressor the MULTIFINISH™ becomes an extremely versatile finishing tool. From trim, doors and cabinets to interior and exterior latex application, the MULTIFINISH™ can do it all!     

  • Compressor offers electronic air relief allowing for greater air pressure
  • The GM3600 gun offers versatility to use any Titan standard airless, or fine finish reversible tips.    
  • Optional brilliant reversible flat tip for best high production fine finish available!    
  • High rider configuration allows the versatility to draw out of either 5 gallon or 1 gallon pails.    
  • Rapid Clean to completely clean pump and eliminate contaminant possibilities.
  • .54 GPM
  • 3300 PSI
  • 35 PSI
  • 50 ft
  • 82 lbs.
ProductPart #
Multi-Finish™ 4400524029
GM 3600 Gun0524358

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