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TiltedNew for 2016

Titan mobile application iconConnector app


Compatible with IOS and Android

The Titan Connector will give you the information you want, when you want it, in a way that you can actually use it.

Top 5 things Professional Paint Contractors can use The Titan Connector for:
  • 1. Quickly access product manuals or brochures
  • 2. Get a recommendation on a sprayer
  • 3. Check coating and sprayer compatibility
  • 4. Find out what coupons or promotions are available
  • 5. Get information on recommended Titan accessories

Top five uses of the Titan Connector for pro paint retail personnel and sales reps

  • - Recommend 3 sprayers to a contractor in seconds. Then text or e-mail the results.
  • - Check and see if the coating you are selling is compatible with the sprayer a contractor owns.
  • - Look-up product info and text or e-mail a link.
  • - Get quick access to sales tools like coupons and promotions.
  • - Find out what accessories to add to a sprayer you are selling.