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TR1 Line Striping Tip

Take a look at the Industry's Newest and Longest Lasting Line Striping Tips. From the first gallon to the last, Titan TR1 Line Stripping Tips consistently spray razor sharp lines. These new tools will...


Carry additional items with this attachable tray. 

Handibead™ Bead Dispenser

Spread reflective beads or other materials onto painted surfaces with ease and efficiency.



Windguard™ Spray Shield

Protect your line striping quality from the elements with the Windguard™ Spray Shield.


Have your lines line up right the first time with Linesite™.

Watch a Video on Using the Linesite™




Hitches and Bumpers

Check out the features tab for a list of hitches and bumpers.

Turf Kit

Eliminate side to side movement when striping on uneven turf. Extra wide wheels help stabilize sprayer for optimal performance.

SureTrak™ Floating Gun Kit

Ensure even application with the SureTrak™ Floating Gun Kit.

Liquid Shield Plus

Liquid Shield Plus is specially formulated to provide protection from freezing and corrosion of airless paint sprayer pumps. It helps to prevent sticking check valves and premature wear of components,...

Piston Lube

12-Gallon Hopper

“Supersize” your sprayer and extend your work time before needing to refill on large jobs. Hopper holds up to 12 gallons of paint.

Stencil Kits

Complete your street and parking lot jobs quickly and easily with any of Titan’s durable stencil kits. Molded of 1/8” (.15cm) polyethylene, these stencils are very durable and lay flat on surfaces bei...

Second Gun for Dual Lines

LX-40 Gun

The LX-40 Airless Spray Gun is a professional spray gun with an impact-resistant 4-finger trigger. The in-handle filter is easy to access for cleaning and replacing to help ensure an optimal spray pat...

S-3 Gun

The S-3 Gun is a professional spray gun with an impact-resistant 4-finger trigger. This spray gun comes with a swivel at handle for free movement between the hose and gun while spraying. The reversibl...

Glass Bead Dispensing System

Save time and money with the Glass Bead Dispensing System. The Titan glass bead dispenser sits right behind the spray gun and drops glass beads directly onto the paint after it is sprayed, providing y...

Miscellaneous Accessories

Check out the Features tab for a list of miscellaneous accessories.