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Glass Bead Dispensing System

Save time and money with the Glass Bead Dispensing System. The Titan glass bead dispenser sits right behind the spray gun and drops glass beads directly onto the paint after it is sprayed, providing you with a superior and accurate way of dispensing glass beads for your line striping jobs.

Watch This Installation Video



  • Watch this Installation Video
  • Apply reflective glass beads onto traffic paint
  • All welded aluminum bead dispensing head
  • All welded corrosion resistant bead hopper holds 50 pounds of beads
  • Simple gravity flow system (no air or auxiliary power required)
  • Simple installation takes only 30 minutes
  • Quick disconnect dispenser linkage
  • Dispensers available in 4” to 6” or 12” widths

Part No. 424-826 contains:

  • 4-6” 1-Gun Kit with Hopper

Part No. 424-816 contains:

  • 4-6” 2nd Gun Kit (Dispenser Only)

Part No. 424-836 contains:

  • 4-6” 2-Gun Kit with Hopper

Part No. 424-840 contains:

  • 12” 1-Gun Kit with Hopper

Part No. 424-841 contains:

  • 12” 2nd Gun Kit with Hopper




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