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TR¹ High Efficiency Airless Tip

Spray Coatings At 1000 PSI



Lowering the pressure increases the benefits

  • Optimized to spray all architectural paints and coatings at 1,000 PSI at production speed
  • Decreases overspray up 55% allowing contractors to spray more
  • Less pressure equals less stress extending pump life and extending time between repacks
  • Two times the life of a standard reversible tip
  • Patented design


Revolutionary Low Press Technology

  • Feathered edge provides consistent coverage
  • More forgiving pattern that decreases runs and drips
  • Less kickback when triggered providing more control and less overspray
  • Fits all industry standard guards



Right Mix For Production


4-6 (102-152211213
6-8 (152-203)311313
8-10 (203-254)411413415417
10-12 (254-305)515517519
12-14 (305-356)615617619
Flow Rate (GPM/LPM)0.09/0.340.12/0.450.18/0.680.24/0.910.31/1.17

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