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Maxum II Gun

Designed for maximum control and pinpoint-accurate coating delivery, the MAXUM II is an excellent choice for contractors and finishing professionals that need a precise fine finishing tool.

  • Multi-position "click-in" 3-position aircap    
  • Stainless steel needle and nozzle    
  • Cleanable, replaceable check value    
  • Multi-position swiveling pick-up tube    
  • 2-stage trigger pull    
  • Comes standard with a #3 Proset (needle set)    
  • Ergonomic handle    
  • 1-Quart cup    
  • Ability to convert from non-bleeder to bleeder gun
ProductPart #
Maxum II Gun0524041

Maxum II Projector Set Part Numbers


Product Part #
#2 Pro Set (Fine Finish)0276254
#3 Pro Set (All-Purpose)0276227
#4 Pro Set (High Output)0276228
#5 Pro Set (High Output)0276229
#6 Pro Set (High Output)0276245
#7 Pro Set (Highest Output)0524211



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